Digital Drivers in Space Design

Designing a space for social media is a new trend that Restaurants and Museums have started to embrace. The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, CA has become iconic for its “instagrammable” spaces. Memorable selfies and colorful portraits shared … Continued

The Insider’s Guide to Government Incentives

Federal and State governments provide various ways to support business expansion in the form of grants, low interest loans, loan guarantees, tax incentives and bonds. Familiarize yourself with the options available so that you can identify programs that complement the … Continued

Project Management Principle

No one enjoys a backseat driver… unless it’s an insurance rider. An insurance rider travels with you while you are on the move. It is language added to a policy to address special circumstances or situations. Consider an insurance rider … Continued

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company

11,000 sf expansion & 55,000 sf refresh / renovation, totaling 66,000 square feet 2 construction phases with 26 subphases 10 furniture phases, which included deliveries, reconfigurations and liquidations 2 employee moves & 270 satisfied employees Read more… Let Us Look … Continued