Digital Drivers in Space Design

Digital-drivers-space-designDesigning a space for social media is a new trend that Restaurants and Museums have started to embrace.

The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, CA has become iconic for its “instagrammable” spaces. Memorable selfies and colorful portraits shared across social media are responsible for the success of the exhibit.

This concept has the momentum to spread into different industries and add business value. Hospitality, Education, Non-profit and Retail are a few industries that have benefited from adopting the trend.

How can you make this concept work for your business and what are the benefits?

When facing a renovation or expansion, opt for something that is unique, eye-catching, and memorable. Ask the question, “What will create a memory?” or “What will tell the story of your business?”.

Here are common space design strategies to consider:

  • digital-drivers-space-design-2Use of Technology that is visible and / or unique
  • Interactive / Collaborative Spaces that are attractive
  • Use of Lighting that highlights a feature
  • Interior Design / Color / Textures that are distinctive
  • Art Installations – temporary or permanent

What are the business benefits?

Creating an environment that people want to share on social media can increase:

  • Brand Recognition
  • Positive Perception
  • Millennial Following
  • Sense of Community / Culture


Our Opinion
Since social media will likely remain a major part of our culture for years to come, we should embrace it in our spaces and use its functionality in a way that will encourage business growth.

Erika Renee Cox
Assistant Project Manager
Avison Young – Philadelphia

Photos by zoff, via and ericlaignel/