Project Management Principle

As-built construction documents prove invaluable when accurate. Accurate as-built drawings reflect all the work that was completed over the course of the project. They should include both anticipated and unforeseen scope changes.

The following are reasons to have accurate as-built drawings:

  • Great tool for annual maintenance for years to come

It informs maintenance personnel of building systems and where they are located.

  • First responders are aware of building structure

In a life-safety or emergency situation, first responders are prepared to react and resolve the situation.

  • Indispensable when considering a renovation or remodel

Being aware of building systems placement and the buildings’ structure are necessary during a renovation or remodeling.

As-built drawings should be required at project close-out, if not updated throughout the project. On behalf of our Clients, we always ask the Contractor to provide final as-built drawings.

Project Management Principle #6: Always Have Accurate As-Built Drawings.