Issues Affecting Real Estate That You Need To Know

The Counselors of Real Estate® (CRE) have released their annual list of the top 10 issues affecting real estate, both positive and negative. The issues range from aging baby boomers to capital markets to climate change and many things in … Continued

Does Your Company Have a Recovery Plan?

Back in a 2012 Remington Report we cautioned reads to, “Be sure to ask for performance bonds”. This is especially true in a rebounding economy. As Thomas C. Schleifer covers in this article, Beware the Recovery: What History Teaches Contractors … Continued

Good Signs for Architects Heading into the New Year

Back in July’s Remington Report article, Economic Bright Spots, we noted that there was an uptick in work and new hires at many local architectural offices. This historically is a bellwether for new construction. A recent article in The Wall … Continued

Promising Signs of an Economic Turnaround

A recent article in Building Design + Construction points to promising signs to the end of the “Great Recession”. A poll of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals showed that 52% said their company was in “good” financial health compared … Continued