RACP Awards Announced

Governor Tom Corbett has announced the awards for the latest round of Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program projects. The list includes 58 RACP projects totaling approximately $133 million. These latest project announcements will create more than 45,000 jobs in 24 counties … Continued

Wissahickon Charter School Wins PA Brownfields Award!

Wissahickon Charter School has won the 2013 “Extreme Makeover” award at this year’s PA Brownfields Conference. The school received an approximately $1.0 M Industrial Sites Reuse grant from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). Wissahickon will use … Continued

Relocating Your Business? Read This First

Many states and local governments offer various incentives for starting or relocating your business in their area. An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, “When States Beckon”, takes a look at some of these enticing offers and gives you … Continued

Wissahickon Charter School Breaks Ground on Second Campus

Wissahickon Charter School broke ground yesterday on a second campus at 815 E Washington Lane in Germantown, PA. This additional campus, Awbury Campus, will bring an environmental focused education to 500 students in the Philadelphia region. The new 49,000 square … Continued