Court Ruling Means Broader Eligibility for Historic Tax Credits!

If you are an owner of an income producing historic building and you’re undertaking a “substantial rehabilitation” of that building, you may qualify for a Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (HTC). The HTC is a federal income tax credit equal to … Continued

Pennsylvania’s Legal Loophole Closing

Pending Governor Corbett’s approval, Pennsylvania will pass a bill designed to close a loophole in its criminal code that exempts those involved in labor disputes from being charged with harassment, stalking and related offenses. This is an interesting development since … Continued

Stricter Demolition Regulations Coming to Philadelphia

In the wake of last summer’s tragic building collapse at 22nd and Market, Philadelphia’s City Council has passed a new five-bill demolition regulation package. Here are some of the changes that you will see soon: Required safety plans as part … Continued

Storm Water Legislation on the Horizon

With a 49-1 vote, the Pennsylvania Senate has passed an amendment that would authorize local municipalities to form their own storm water management authorities. In theory, this allows municipalities to join up to manage issues that cross town or city … Continued