Case Study – When Plans Change on a Dime, Are You Ready?

Avison Young was able to assist office tenants, hospitals, vendors and contractors who all faced logistical problems when their delivery plans were upended by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

No. 1 – New Project

An office furniture group had a full shipment of furniture scheduled for delivery to an office fit-out client when their project was shut down on March 20, 2020. 

Solution: With new furniture in limbo between the factory and its destination, Avison Young located warehouse square footage for a month-to-month lease with terms at .55 – .60/sf per month.

No. 2 – Furniture Upgrade Upended

A hospital undergoing a furniture switch-out was caught in crisis mode as it became clear that the COVID-19 demands superseded the planned interior refresh. 

Solution: With new furniture enroute, Avison Young located temporary, month-to-month, warehouse space so that when the hospital was ready, it could resume with its furniture replacement project.

No. 3 – Overflow Storage

A medical supplies company was ordering materials so quickly, and in mass quantities, to meet the health care system needs that its warehouse could not contain the volume. 

Solution: Avison Young secured a month-to-month warehouse rental to house the containers until the supplies could be dispersed.

No. 4 – A Food Bank’s Abundance of Donations

When public support came to the rescue, a county food bank received overwhelming volumes of much-needed pantry goods for their clients. 

Solution: Avison Young located a warehouse that offered below market-rate fees for a month-to-month rental to house the goods until they could be distributed.  An additional perk was that the warehouse had a separate entrance which allowed the food bank a dedicated access point for vehicle and foot-traffic.

No. 5 – A Contractor’s Need for Secure Storage

Rooftop mechanical units arriving to a stopped job site were left with no-place to go. The intent to move them to the roof upon delivery was not an option.  The site was not secure enough to leave them on the ground.  The contractor did not want to refuse delivery and send them back to the factory which would impact cost and schedule. 

Solution: Avison Young found a warehouse that could receive the mechanical units, with a month-to-month arrangement, until the project can remobilize.